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Retiro de Playa y Cabaret

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Helena Chalverus Four Seasons Yoga Retreats. Costa de la Luz.

Helena’s retreats are real gems and unexpectedly offer so much more then one would expect from a Yoga retreat in Europe.

Her tailor made season retreats are set in the most beautiful and magic spots of the South of Spain and they are real journeys toward something very valuable and fun, which you pleasantly will discover in your own depths.  

Helena invites you to decisively dive into the silence of your soul and recreate with the splendor of the Costa de la Luz, the spirit of the Atlantic Ocean and the magic of this authentic and vibrant area of Andalusia.

Helena likes to dig dip and guide you closer to that sweet spot of tranquility, joy and unconditional self-love.

She helps you chisel away some of the hardness to reveal and support the pure beauty that dwells in each of us.

She knowingly invites us to deeply connect, purify and shed the unnecessary-the old skin- and melt away “out of season” structures.

 We magically blend in with the current season, become part of it and transform Stuckness into Flow, presence and vitality.

Helena was born and raised in New Mexico and her beautiful and true personality carries a special warm vibe that is deeply connected with a pure, natural and magical energy that stems from her origins and ancestors.

In each of her retreats she combines intangibles : visions, dreams and creativity with teachings of tangibles : skill body and action.

She is not merely a teacher, but a skilled guide with a devotion to share her wisdom.

Humbly she integrates as a group member in her own retreats and becomes part of it:  Throughout the pleasant and relieving discoveries that happen in her Retreats she also benefits from the group experience and she never puts herself above the participants.

As a trained dancer, voice therapist and experienced Yoga Teacher she combines useful skills (Body movement and voice Techniques) with Kundalini Yoga, breathing exercises and Mantras.

 Kundalini Yoga is known to be extremely effective and rejuvenating for all our organs while it balances our shakras, amongst many other benefits to our health.

Helena intuitively picks more elements, activities and rituals from various cultures and communities and adds some therapeutically blessings to the Retreat experience.

Mindful Chi Kung classes take place out in the spring gardens or surrounded by magical mountains right by the Atlantic Ocean and help you to dig even a bit deeper and blend into the Costa de la Luz gorgeous nature. 

Allow yourself to perceive the variety of sounds and sensations and scents that surround you and surrender to the Now.

A conscious, organic high quality nutrition respecting the products of the season (from local organic farmers) combined with powerful detox smoothies made form fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables and based on the teachings od Chinese medicine fortify the organs and push the wellbeing.

 Each season has their own arch that leads you to new initiations.

These openings/passage ways are integrated and activated in every of Helena’s Season retreats in a succession of harmoniously composed Yoga exercises and well-choreographed group activities.

Together with Helena we dig deeper to identify stuck emotions and negative beliefs and then gently accept them, and then just drop them and enjoy the new space that has been created.

During the course of these magic retreat days some things just resolve themselves automatically or new perspectives and possibilities unfold magically.

Helena teaches you to open up your intuitive resources, perceive the wondrous beauty of escaping from our mind-oriented society, reconnect with the soul and allow abundance to flow freely into our lives.

    Nika S.